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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Care for an update?

It's been so long since I posted!

Since my last post (forever ago), I started nursing school, endured nursing school, and completed nursing school. I was pinned and I walked (with honors) in graduation. I received my degree certificate. I made Dean's List my final semester (didn't qualify previous semesters).

Hurdle #1: Nursing school -- DONE!

I studied and stressed and studied and stressed and then I took my state board licensing exam. I walked out to my car after completing the exam absolutely certain I had failed.

I hadn't. In fact, I passed the exam with the minimum number of questions.

Hurdle #2: NCLEX -- PASSED!

Over the course of my final semester of school, our assignments included putting a resume together, assembling a nursing portfolio, and writing the essay one local hospital required for new graduate applications. I applied to two local new graduate residency programs, was called in to interview for both, and then sometimes between the jumps over hurdles #1 and #2, I received a call from one of those hospitals with a job offer.

Hurdle #3: Employment -- SECURED!

Not bad for an old chick, right?

This week was the start of my employment. Days 1 and 2 were hospital orientation. Today was Day 3 -- the true beginning of the residency program. My hope (if I keep up with it) is to repurpose this blog (and maybe even rename it -- I'll have to think about that) as a journal to chronicle my journey from a baby new graduate residency nurse all the way to Operating Room Circulating Nurse.

Day One Journal