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Monday, May 14, 2012

One Ends, Another Begins

I always seem to start new posts with an excuse and an explanation, these days. This post will be no different, since I haven't posted since February. February? Has it really been that long? Wow.

Spring Semester 2012 has finally come to a close. Classes are over, finals complete, and as of this morning all my grades are posted. So....yes, you guessed it. This is another brag about my grades post. And why shouldn't I? I'm proud of my grades. I'm proud of the fact that even after being out of school 25 years I can still pull it off. I'm just plain proud.

So here you go, my grades for Spring Semester 2012 including my final exam score and my overall grade for the semester:

ENGL1101 Literature & Composition Final: 100%     Overall: 99.7% / A
BIOL2113 Anatomy & Physiology I Final: 99.5% Overall: 100.2% / A
BIOL2113L  Anatomy & Physiology I Lab   Final: 99% Overall: 100.75% / A

My overall GPA continues to be a 4.0, which is where I want it to be -- particularly going in to apply for the extremely competitive nursing program at my school.

Yes, I'm bragging. It was a really tough semester. A&P I is well-known as a weed out course with a 50% drop rate, and I not only survived it, but I survived it with an A. Yes, I'm proud. No, I won't apologize. But I will smile sweetly. :-)

Summer Semester begins in a couple weeks, and I'll be tackling A&P II with its accompanying lab and Healthcare Communications. Another tough semester. Two more months of intense studying. Immersion in A&P. Two more months of remembering details of the digestive or endocrine systems, but inability to remember to plug my phone in to charge at night. Two more months that will leave me feeling accomplished at the end.

I just hope my family will be able to put up with me.