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Friday, August 26, 2011

What a Nice Surprise

Yesterday, I came home from my second day of school with confirmation from my other two classes:  I need the textbooks.  After returning my Algebra book, I considered going into the school bookstore and buying at least one of them there.  I had a credit on my book allowance, and even though the bookstore is more expensive, it's also more convenient.  I figured that was a decent trade.

Until I saw the line in the bookstore.  It stretched and wound and wandered and serpentined throughout much of the store.  I was tired, sweat was running down my back, and there wasn't enough money in the world to make me stand in that line.  So, I went home instead.

When I walked in my door, I opened up the laptop and logged onto  I found my textbooks -- the cost of the new books was within a couple dollars of the cost of the same books used at the school bookstore -- and ordered them.  Because I signed up for a new student account, I get Amazon Prime free for a year.  That meant I could choose 2-day shipping for no charge.


My confirmation e-mail showed the estimated arrival date to be Saturday, August 27.  That's what I expected.  No problem.  I considered that they might not get here until Monday, but that was still cool.  I don't have those classes until Tuesday.  Later last night, I received another Amazon e-mail telling me my books had been shipped.  Wow!  That was quick!

This morning, I was putting my makeup on when my doorbell rang.  My UPS guy usually drops & runs, and since I didn't want to be seen with a half-done face (vanity, you know), I waited until he was back in his truck before I opened my front door.  I was shocked by what I found.

It was a box.  From Amazon. Addressed to me!  My books arrived!  Yes, instead of shipping my purchase 2-day, they shipped it overnight!

Not long after I opened my textbooks, I took a peek at e-mail.  I had two new notes from Amazon.  They both warned that my purchase might be delayed due to the weather.



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