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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Updates are Scarce

It's not that I don't have much to talk about, it's that I don't have the time to talk. School is taking a tremendous toll on my time, but it's worth it. I'm past the midway point of the semester and still pulling A's in all my classes.  Two of my four classes gave midterms, and I got A's on both of those. I've turned in another essay since my last update and just found out last week I earned another A on that one.

I had a meeting last week with my ENGL 1101 instructor to go over my grades and submit my preliminary research paper topic idea for approval. All went as expected until she went over what was coming up. I have an essay due Tuesday that will count for 10% of my grade. The research paper, which is due at the beginning of December will be 20% of my grade. For the final exam, we will be expected to write an essay in class from pre-writing through final draft -- 20% of my grade. I've got three papers to write during the remainder of my semester, and they will count for a total of 50% of my grade! No pressure there at all.





I spend so much time doing algebra work, studying psychology, and writing my essays, that I spend very little time online these days. For the most part, I throw up Facebook and Twitter statuses with my phone (by throw up, I mean post as opposed to vomit -- but you knew that) and haven't read a photography forum in months. If I'm not doing algebra or English comp lab work, I really prefer to not look at a computer.  In fact, I just completed that 10% of my grade essay and studied for algebra, and am now on computer overload. Sooooooo...I'll post this, check tomorrow's weather, and then shut this baby off. Time to rest the ol' brain before tomorrow's test.


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