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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Step One Achieved

My past two years have been dedicated to getting into nursing school. I had that terrifying first day of college. I studied my butt off. I spent an entire summer threatening to hide a sleeping bag in the back of the Health Sciences building so I wouldn't have to waste study time commuting to and from school. I finished my pre-requisites with a 4.0 GPA. I agonized over my entrance exam. I ROCKED my entrance exam. And then finally, on April 10th, five semesters after I started, I received (drumroll, anybody?)

(I really wish I could make those two words flash and maybe play a fanfare. That would be so cool. And add little fireworks. Fireworks would make it even cooler.)

 I'm in!

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I was officially accepted into the Associate's Degree Nursing Program starting fall 2013.  Class of 2015, baby!

I can now call myself a Nursing Student.

Of course the hardest part, surviving nursing school, is yet to come.

But, you know what? In my book, my acceptance alone is quite an accomplishment. So I'm going to bask. I'm basking in my accomplishment. Watch me bask. Bask and engage in many happy butt wiggles.
*not actually me

And I'm taking the summer off from school.

I'm taking the summer off to recharge my nearly burnt-out batteries and complete all the tasks required of me in order to retain my spot in the program. I ordered my background check yesterday and today I peed in a cup.

That was loads of fun.

Friday I get to be poked with needles. Maybe this weekend I'll go check some shoes out at the local
healthcare professional supply store. I'll check shoes out and stethoscopes, too. Stethoscopes! I need my very own stethoscope! How cool is that?

How ever am I going to avoid playing with all my nursing school toys until August?

I should enjoy this excitement while I can. I have a sneaking suspicion that it won't be long before the idea of a stethoscope will no long elicit such giddiness.


As I work my way through the process of nursing school prep, nursing school, graduation, passing the NCLEX, and employment, I'll try to blog my journey. Feel free to enjoy it with me!


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